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Exterior Patrols

Exterior Mobile patrols monitor outdoor spaces and venues. Some businesses that have large areas or multiple sites, like a factory, would find a mobile patrol to be beneficial as our patrols can cover a larger perimeter as opposed to having the same number of static security guards stationed to an area. Our mobile patrols provide more value and cost efficiency while ensuring the venue has a visible security presence.

With the freedom to rotate, mobile security patrols can conduct random and pre-scheduled inspections, especially to areas that may be at a higher risk. The ability to move as needed ensures that patrol movements do not develop a pattern or become predictable.

Security Guard Service & Mobile Patrols

Interior Patrols

Mobile patrols may also monitor the interior of buildings in their patrol areas. When inspecting and investigating these areas, security guards are responsible for thoroughly searching grounds, ensuring fire safety protocols are being followed, monitoring security systems and addressing hazards and security vulnerabilities.

Security Escorts

Kingaroy Security Patrol can also be used to provide security escorts to employees and special guests. Our security escort service has been used as a courtesy service offered by companies to its employees to ensure their safety, or to decrease a risk a company is facing.

Our professional security patrol team will arrive promptly and take all the necessary precautions to ensure the person reaches at their destination safely.

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Experienced & Energetic Team

Highly experienced team to guide & assist your requirements. No high pressure sales.

Your Needs, Your Premise

Our highly experienced security techs will visit your premises/ business and discuss what your needs and requirements are.

Latest Knowledge & Latest Technology

We believe in constantly bettering our knowledge in the industry whilst utilising the latest security equipment/ techniques to keep your business secure.

No Outsourcing | No Other Team

We pride ourselves on taking care of your business from the start to the end. Your security alarm systems will be installed by one of our friendly and experienced technicians right through to being maintained by us.

Excellent Service & Good Quality System

Was glad to have Kingaroy Security Patrol install our alarm system last month, effective workers.

JASON N | Customer

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Bringing security and peace of mind is our mission.

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Excellent Service & Good Quality Product

We recently had Kingaroy Security Patrol install a camera system and alarm system in our home. The staff that installed were very friendly and explained details and features of our system as they installed and ensured we could operate everything confidently. We have not had any issues with the products installed and have had a great buying experience.

DAVID G | Customer